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A spirited culture that weaves between elegant cities and sun-kissed scenery

Saunter from siesta to fiesta

Siesta might not be top of mind when you touch down in Spain, but the spirited way of life preferred by locals, one of late-night suppers and even later bar-hopping, might warrant one. Feel passion ignite at a fiery flamenco show, stand in awe before the Sagrada Família, or visit the beautifully baroque Royal Palace of Madrid. Journey from ancient villages to glorious beaches, and soon you'll be swaying to your own Spanish rhythm.

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Admirer of Salvador Dalí's stunning surrealism? If so, discover all about his life and art by driving along the unique route called the Dalí Triangle. It includes visits to the Dalí Theater Museum, the Salvador Dalí House Museum and the Gala Dalí Castle... all located in the beautiful province of Girona.
Susana Sanz
Media and Marketing Specialist, Turespaña, 2021


Treat yourself to a vibrant paella, a table covered with tapas (Patatas bravas? Croquetas? Garlic shrimp?), bites of salty Iberian ham, and sides of sparkling Cava or sweet sangria.


Give it up for Gaudí, the architectural genius behind the whimsical creations scattered across Barcelona, from Casa Batlló and La Pedrera to the incredible Sagrada Família.


Scoop up some Spanish sun along the legendary Costa del Sol, where beaches range from jet-set and glam to wild and untamed or quiet hidden gems.
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