A striking and fascinating land fit for the gods it once revered

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The birthplace of democracy, home to some of the world’s most legendary relics and ruins, Greece overflows with culture and history. In Athens, ancient heritage seamlessly meets modern flair—sip ouzo on a rooftop and wander below bright city lights. Soak in sun all day, or stroll through the bold blue and stark white-washed houses clinging to cliffsides along Santorini, or dance until sun-up on Mykonos.

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Ferries are the best way to see the country and island hop. To get the most out of the experience, pack very light, grab yourself an iced coffee at the snack shop, and find a nice sunny spot on deck for a view of the boundless blue sea.
Stella Antonaras
Corporate Communications, Air Canada Vacations, 2021


Step a millenia back in time around the iconic ruins of the Acropolis or the glorious remnants of temples in Olympia and Delphi.


Scattered across the Aegean like diamonds in the sea, the Cyclades is a group of Greek islands you need to experience once in your life.


Grilled fish by the sea, grove-grown olives, mouth-watering cheeses... the produce here is preferred fresh, making up one of the best cuisines in the world.
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